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A 2-day LIVE event packed full of tips and tools. An authentic relationship education to take home and implement!
Just $495 per couple or $300 per single
Happening on 27th and 28th April 2019 at The Mecure Hotel, Irwin St, Perth from 9:00am to 4:30pm
* We respect your privacy - will not be sold, rent, or leased.
We INVITE you to  JOIN the RELATIONSHIP SUMMIT 2019! Experience an amazing two day event to learn the unique way to stop arguing, get on the same page and really connect.
Happening on 27th & 28th April 2019 at The Mecure Hotel, Irwin St, Perth from 9:00am to 4:30pm
is for
Those who are already in a relationship and are committed to strengthening their existing connection.
This course will identify the skills and qualities that will enable you to make a successful selection of your next partner.
The course is for all age groups and for any sexual orientation. Anyone can benefit from this course.
If you run a business and feel alone in the struggle.
 You will learn to get on the same page and have your partner becoming your biggest supporter.

Whether you are in a relationship or are single.
 You will learn a comprehensive set of skills and tools to work through baggage, communicate better, prevent and resolve conflicts, and build a values centered relationship focused on shared growth and mutual support.

If you are in a relationship. 
This live event will give the knowledge, education, and skills to communicate on the same page so that TWO BECOMES MORE POWERFUL THAN ONE.

If you are single.
 This course will help you to become clear and define what you want in your ideal future partner - and also what you don't want! So that you attract the ONE.
What You'll Learn From This Live Relationship Event
  • Discover the key strategies that strengthen relationships and that keep them exciting and alive
  • Learn to be on the same page with Business and investments, so you are not doing it alone¬†
  • ¬†Be more genuine and authentic throughout your full range of personal and professional relationships.
  • ¬†Deal with the inevitable challenges that often arise in relationships
  • ¬†Learn how to communicate more effectively with other people.
  • ¬†Identify and choose a long term life partner more effectively
  • ¬†Recognise the tell tale signs that a relationship isn't working
  • ¬†Understand how to earn the trust of other people
  • ¬†Dissolve arguments and disagreements before they even begin
  • ¬†Transform the quality of your intimate, social and professional relationships
  • ¬†Know how to build stronger and more vibrant relationships
  • The secret formula to finding your Soul Mate (and knowing when you have)
  • ¬†The single most important way to improve communication in your relationship
  • ¬†Why giving too much will always cause you to get less in a relationship
  • ¬†Easy ways to share your needs and find the support you deserve
  • ¬†How to increase the intimacy and passion in your relationship for a lifetime
  • ¬†How to communicate with the 12 Step Communication CODE that can turn an Argument into a conversation in 5 minutes
  • ¬†Understand the very real differences between men and women, our communication styles and what we really hear
  • ¬†How he can be PRESENT
  • ¬†How she can stop being EVERYTHING to EVERYONE
  • ¬†Creating an exciting purpose driven life you want to share together
What You Will Take Home
After this Live Relationship Event, expect to create and experience results like
  • ¬†Strategies to improve and enhance your relationship
  • ¬†How to change your attitude so you show up better each day
  • ¬†Real connection and intimacy
  • ¬†Understanding the differences between Men and Women and how to bridge that communication gap
  • ¬†Feeling Inner Peace each day to give you power
  • ¬†Removing conditioning that stops you from success
  • ¬†How to feel more powerful at home in your kingdom
  • ¬†Feeling more confident and certain within yourself
  • ¬†Greater connection and intimacy in the bedroom
  • ¬†Becoming a better role model for your children
  • ¬†Decisiveness in business and investment
  • ¬†THE TRUTH is if you want things to change you MUST be that change
Happening on 27th & 28th April 2019 at The Mecure Hotel, Irwin St, Perth from 9:00am to 4:30pm
but don't just take our word for it.
"We almost got a divorce. Now Im seeing how TWO is more more powerful than one and the masculine and feminine is a dance."

Roman and Tatiana
"It was a major effort to fly from Florida but so worth it.
I feel like a big stone has been lifted from my back as a women"

Dion and Madeline

"I have been doing personal development and transformational work for 20 years and this gave me, myself back as a KING."

Marc and Michelle
"Seeing my husband grow and become the man he is supposed to be is giving me the confidence to be a women in my feminine state."
Sherika and Matt.
"I feel like I will be able to speak up in a safe place and a lot more opportunity for communication and dealing with kids too coming from a place thats not so exhausting and feeling so much more comfortable."
Joanne and Cameron
"Anyone that's lost, that keeps making mistakes or attracting the same type of man should learn this."
Hulya and Chayne
"Fleur can can be unpeaceful and highly emotional to get her message across and to show her frustration.
Five minutes later she can be so loving and peaceful curled up on the bed like a kitten.
I have learnt to come back to peaceful as quickly as she can."
Grant and Fleur
"I didn't want to come but glad she forced me to come. Lol. I didn't understand any of it before I came.
I learnt how to open up and communicate. You have to be here to experience it."
Leah and Craig
"As women society has taught us to stand up and be strong and while thats well and good and beautiful, we aren't allowing our men to stand up and be the natural providers and protectors they are. As women we are so tired cause we are sick of carrying the burden and being able to step into the role of queen."
Nigel and Melody
"It takes us back to when we first met and how connected we were. We read each other so well like we did and thats happened again."
Kane and Katie
"I have to be aware that the Relationship has to come first. its ok not to agree, we have to agree to not agree and put US first."
The Live Event is held over two (2) full days on Saturday and Sunday 27th and 28th April 2019 commencing at
9:00am and finishing at 4:30pm at The Mecure Hotel, Irwin St, Perth. 

Packed full of tips and tools and real authentic education to take home and implement.

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