A suite of innovative, real and highly effective event programs that deliver real and lasting results, all while providing authentic connection in communication and in the bedroom. 

Complete transformation to train you to the next level of skill required to have it all across all territories of the Kingdom.

7-Day Relationship Challenge $39
Uplevel your relationship
Join the 7 day online Challenge for a profound transformative and educational insight into uplifting your marriage and your Kingdom. 7 Days of insights, one hour per day for tools and communication that will change your marriage and your life. Conducted inside a facebook group with LIVE sessions direct with Brett and Marie.
Relationship Warrior Academy
A foundational online educational course
Watch the transformative videos with your partner and elevate your relationship together to gain a radically new communication code to be on the same page. You will learn a comprehensive set of skills and tools to work to drop away accumulated baggage, communicate with intimacy, prevent and resolve conflicts, and build a values centered relationship focused on shared growth and mutual support.
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The CODE event | Our Flagship Seminar
A 3-Day Transformational and Life altering Event
The acclaimed transformative 3 day LIVE event that propels your life, your marriage, your business and your family. Focused on the learning and implementing the unique Relationship Communication Code and expanding your wealth with powerful 3 MONEY (™) wealth principles.
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July 2021
Broome Australia
A 5-day Immersive and Whole-Life Encompassing Event
Our Kingdom has been lost for nearly a century. Here we remove the final remnants of one dimensional living and truly build all six territories to have a powerful Kingdom based on the love you have for each other. Now no topic or argument can stand between you. Each Territory of the Kingdom is an essential foundational component without which the Kingdom will not expand. Mastery in each territory is found in each to reach a place of strength and power. Prerequisite: The CODE event.
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 August 2021
Margaret River, WA, Australia
A 4-Day Consciousness expanding Event
Learn the various styles of meditation from Vispanna to the walking style with eyes open. Incorporating this ancient practice into your armory. This is an essential practice for any warrior seeking to have access to deeper consciousness and peace with what is. These skills provide the power to build and SCALE. Prerequisite: None.
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October 2021
Mandurah, Australia
A 5-Day Intensive Mind, Body and Spirit WarriorTraining
This intensive event with a maximum of 15 participants forges the physical, mental and spiritual into a Warrior A live event where you break down the physical, emotional and spiritual barriers that have caused you to be held under a glass ceiling. The perfect way to iron plate your mindset and SCALE your wealth, business and life. This training is modeled from intensive Navy Seal experience. Prerequisite: The CODE event and the KINGDOM event.
The TREASURY Mentorship
A 6-Month Customized Financial 1on1 Coaching
This mentorship with Brett (42 years experience) will teach you the principals of investing powerfully in your business, the real estate market and/or stock market. You will have bi-weekly sessions for a period of 6 months to SCALE and shatter any limitations. Stop thinking small and expand your reach, power and wealth. Learn to have an abundant Kingdom to pass to your Heirs. By application only and your business must have a turnover of $1m a year to be considered or Net worth of $1 million.
A Customized Relationship Couples Coaching
Individual or Relationship mentoring will assist you to instil a deep insight into the masculine and feminine principles and how to really understand each other. Brett and Marie’s team of mentors have extensive training to break barriers that you have built for yourself that are stopping you from reaching the next level of intimacy, vulnerability, depth and openness. Book a Session now with our highly experienced Mentors.
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Explore if Relationship Warrior is right for you.
FREE strategy session on Marriage, Money and Mindset.
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Implementation is key for success in anything in life. Join us as we explore and discuss all the areas of the Kingdom from Love, Intimacy, Finances, Partnership, Health and Success.


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